Music Ministry

God put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.
Psalm 40:3

Sanctuary Choir
If you love to sing – we rehearse on Fridays at 1 PM in the choir room.  Join us in September as we return from summer break!
Singing Shepherds
A smaller group, we rehearse on Wednesdays at 1 PM in the choir room.
Soloists and Instrumentalists
We welcome people as they share their talents in our services.
Shepherd’s Bells
Hand bells add a special music to some of our worship services.  Shepherrd’s Bells rehearses at 10 AM on Fridays starting in September.
Miriam Dancers
A liturgical dance group that adds beauty and grace to our some of our worship services.

  To find out more about our Music Ministries please contact: 

Ken Goodenberger
Director of Music