As we get prepared for a “Toasty” summer to come, I would like to thank the congregation for its support of our Easter Basket Project.”  We took 38 baskets to “A Mighty Change of Heart”.  The organization supporting foster children.  We also gave $379.00 to Valley View Food Bank to purchase already-made-up baskets for the children they serve.  We could not have done it without you, our faithful congregation.

As we look forward, we hope to have our Circles up and running by summers’ end.  Our plan is to host a luncheon in October for all our members and include all other women who attend services here and who would like to know more about our Unit.  With the CDC guidelines looking more favorable all the time, we pray this will all happen.

With funds from our pledges and the Mission Candle Fund, we were able to send $500.00 to Dysart Community Center for their summer programs.  As you may have heard, their facility was broken into and many expensive items stolen including the children’s electronic tablets.

We also sent funds to Wesley/Golden Gate Community Centers for their summer programs. 

During this past winter and Covid season, they provided afterschool programs for over 350 children.  As you know Wesley is a United Methodist Women’s Institution and we are happy for them to have received funds from this year’s “Season of Sharing”. 

Other ways we have been sharing our love this spring is by donating monies to our Missions Committee to buy Bibles for UMOM and we sent funds again to “DigDeep” Right to Water Project.  It is a human rights nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that every American has clean, running water.

In June and July, the Missions Committee has asked us to partner with them and the whole congregation to collect school supplies for the children in the Dysart and Nadaburg School Districts.  Further information will be available in the “e-news” and the “Voice.”

We invite all the women of the congregation to become members of our UMW Unit.  We welcome all those who desire to make life better for women, youth and children throughout the world.  We hope to see you all in October.  Details of the luncheon will be published later in the summer.  If you have questions please contact any of the Team members.  A list of those is posted on the UMW Bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall Lobby.

Have a Blessed summer, Sandy Bradley (Contact Sandy at 623-584-2280 and leave a message).


United Methodist Women Book of the Month

The United Methodist Women’s Reading Program provides an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. Our church library has a large assortment of books from the program.

This year’s selection is a varied group of books that should appeal to all Christians, not just the women of the congregation.

Please stop by the library and peruse the selection and take a few home!


Book for June 

Working Class Rage: A Field Guide to White Anger & Pain – by Tex Sample.

The book for June is Working Class Rage: A Field Guide to White Anger and Pain by Tex Sample. Resisting white supremacy demands a richer understanding of white working class pain and anger. When we believe the stereotypes about this demographic, we as pastors and church leaders cannot effectively communicate the Good News of Jesus. This reliable and reader-friendly guide reveals the realities of a group that feels their suffering and anger have been denied, ignored and misunderstood while offering a way forward for partnerships that will enhance the lives of working-class Americans. 

  Our Meetings:  Members normally meet for a luncheon and business meeting on the first Thursday at 11:30 a.m. Luncheon & business meetings are being planned for fall 2021, please watch for updates.

Our Circles: 

Mary Ruth meetings third Tuesday @ 9:30 a.m.

Miriam meetings fourth Wednesday @ 1:00 p.m.

Rebekah meets third Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m.
Sew Happy meets fourth Tuesday @ 10:00 a.m.

Even while meetings are NOT being held, our Sew Happy circle has been at work at home, making masks for United Methodist Outreach Ministries, Justa Center, and our church and staff. If you like to sew, and want to join us in this work, please contact the church office at or 623-584-2280 and ask to be connected to the Sew Happy Circle!