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Shepherd of the Hills United Methodist Church 

 “In souls filled with love, the desire to please God is a continual prayer.” – John Wesley

Our Church is…

  • a community of faith that celebrates God’s love and grace while welcoming all people.  As we seek to be transformed by the teachings of Jesus Christ and the guidance of God’s Spirit through prayerful discernment, we invite all to journey with us and grow spiritually, too! We are respectful and appreciative of the diversity of our church members and friends, recognizing that this diversity strengthens our community.
  • committed to the celebration of life as a gift!  We actively support our congregation in being as healthy as possible in body, mind and spirit. Through this commitment, we provide informational opportunities, educational events, and programs to promote health and wellness for our congregation and our community at large.  We believe that whether we are advancing in years or in the midst of a debilitating illness, it is still possible to live well!
  • a living affirmation that strength is found through a caring community.  As a congregation of prayer and praise, we provide support and comfort for those experiencing loss, grief, suffering, or life changes through our many care programs, small groups, and Stephen Ministry.
  • always looking for new ways to invite others on a spiritual journey. Shepherd of the Hills Church has a state of the art campus which is available and accessible to all. We are a church of the 21st century, using technology and social media to connect with others while effectively communicating the message of God’s love and grace to all. Our worship experience is spiritually relevant, musically inspiring, and technologically current; designed to lift the heart and feed the soul.
  • a congregation that takes the Bible seriously, rather than literally, in accordance with United Methodist theology, tradition, and discipline.  We believe in bringing our very best scholarship and knowledge to the study of God’s Word.  We offer Bible studies and other educational opportunities that challenge the seeker’s heart and mind.
  • equipping people to make the world a better place. We encourage one another to live and practice what we learn in church through our daily encounters with others and through our experiences in the world.  “Serving the World with God’s Love” is our mission.
  • a place where people smile broadly, and greet all who come through our doors with enthusiasm, laughter and handshakes.
  • a place where people gather to share diverse talents, abilities, and life experiences. We offer to God our very best to be used for God’s purposes. 
  • a place to belong, a place to believe, a place to become.