Taken from Max Lucado’s book, Safe in the Shepherd’s Arms.

Our Protection Plan

Pile your troubles on God’s shoulders – he’ll carry your load.

Psalm 55:22 MSG


I wonder how many burdens Jesus is carrying for us that we know nothing about?  We’re aware of some.  He carries our sin.  He carries our shame.  He carries our eternal debt.  But are there others?


Has he lifted fears before we felt them? … Those times when we have been surprised by our own sense of peace?  Could it be that Jesus has lifted our anxiety onto his shoulders and placed a yoke of kindness on ours?


It’s time to let God’s love cover all things in our life.  All secrets.  All hurts.


Blessings and take all things to God in prayer.

Bill and Linda W.





Join us for Men’s Prayer on Wednesdays at 7:00 AM in the Prayer Room.



Is God calling you to pray for other people? We are seeking individuals who would like to be trained as Prayer Intercessors for Saturday and Sunday services.   


Maybe you would like to be a part of the Prayer Partners group. The people in this group pray by themselves for the prayer requests which are turned in weekly. You will have instruction for this, as well. 

Please sign up at the kiosk on Sunday mornings or call the church office at (623) 584-2280. If you would like more information, you can speak with Bill or Linda W.

PRAYER ROOM MINISTERS are available Saturday and Sunday after worship if you would like one-on-one prayer.


Bill & Linda W., Prayer Coordinators
Each week our prayer ministers, Bill and Linda W. will be available in the Prayer Room to pray for any persons who would like personal prayer, for friends, relatives, loved ones, or for yourself. Bill and Linda will offer prayers for you and those you are concerned about right then and there.
If others are already being prayed for, please take a seat and they pray for you as soon as they are able.
These prayers are held in love and in strict confidence, unless you give permission for them to share. Bill and Linda have served in prayer ministry for many years, in several churches. They are compassionate, helpful and supportive. We are grateful to be able to offer this ministry to you.
If you would be interested in becoming a personal prayer partner in this ministry, please contact the church office for more information.
Pastor on call for emergencies: 623-584-7642

Prayer Request Line:                   623-584-2922  

Prayer Request:

A Message from our Prayer Ministry

Sometimes people wonder why we pray and possibly ask what good it does, especially when we pray for others. Here are a few thoughts.

Why We Pray?

  • We connect with God in an intentional way
  • We acknowledge our human limitations
  • We acknowledge our dependence on God
  • We acknowledge that we are not the center      of the universe