The Missions Committee project for August is to collect money and supplies to assemble 200 Kindness Kits for Circle the City in October. We have done this project in the Fall for the past two years. 

This year, we are asking for donations to help support purchasing the many items for the kits. Each kit contains a 16oz bottle of water, a pair of socks, body wash, hand sanitizer, a granola bar, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, sunscreen and chapstick. A handwritten note of encouragement is also included in each kit.

The church social media page also has a wish list of the items we need. This page can be accessed and items ordered and shipped directly to the church. 

Money will be collected in the water jugs during August for those who do not have access to the social media page. 

This is always a great project and helps so many folks around Phoenix. Thank you, as always for your


Thank you for your valued contribution and dedication in providing support to our “Coupons for Sailors Program.” Your generosity over the last year has allowed Fleet and Family Support Center Yokosuka (FFSC) to provide a unique program to our military families serving overseas.

Financial readiness is an important part of our service members and their families’ well-being and overall quality of life. Your coupon contributions empower our community members to reach their financial goals and help them save money.

Again, thank you for your continued support to FFSC Yokosuka and to our military community.


Shay C. and Deanne C.



A group of SHUMC members met recently at St. Mary’s Food Bank in Surprise to fill travel bags for people who are homeless.  About 30-40 people, who are homeless, go to the food bank every day for a travel bag.  

Each bag included a jar of peanut butter, two cans of pasta in tomato sauce, two drinks and two packages of chips.  Shown from left are: Teresa R., Becky F., Lewis C., Mary G.,    a food bank employee and Bev B.



Where Does All That Peanut Butter Go?


Making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is a vital and affirming mission of our church! Here’s how your donations support our efforts:

The Shepherd of the Hills UMC Missions Team and the Peanut Butter Crew make between 40 to 50 loaves of sandwiches every week…

12 sandwiches in a loaf = 480 to 600 sandwiches a week!


PER WEEK, they use 48 lbs of peanut butter, 21 lbs of jelly, and 600 sandwich bags.

The photo shows empty peanut butter jars for one week!

You are always welcome to come and join the crew on Monday mornings at 8:30 AM and know that EVERY jar of peanut butter can be a protein source and an expression of our Christian love to someone experiencing homelessness. 

If you are interested in making sandwiches, please contact Mary G.

SHUMC Missions Team Recent Contributions

The SHUMC Missions Team gratefully receives donations from the congregation.  If a donation is not specified for a particular project, the Team decides how to spend the money.  The Missions Team recently contributed to these activities on behalf of the congregation:

  • Every four years, youth from throughout the United Methodist Church gather for four days at the “Youth” event.  There is interactive learning, worship, Bible study, service opportunities and fellowship time.  The Desert Southwest Conference is sending a group of 124 people to Youth 23 in July in Daytona Beach, Florida.  The SHUMC Missions Team contributed $1,550, which will support one person to be able to attend the event.  
  • The Desert Southwest Conference is hosting the 30th annual Strength for the Journey Retreat this year at Mingus Mountain Camp and Retreat Center.  The four-day retreat is coordinated by the Conference’s HIV Caring Ministries and will be attended by men and women with HIV/AIDS.  There is an opportunity for campers to focus on their personal life journey through workshops, support groups, arts and crafts, and outdoor activities.  The SHUMC Missions Team contributed $500, which will support two campers.




Three weeks ago, eight of the Monday morning sandwich makers took a tour of Justa Center, a senior adult homeless day center offering showers, laundry, mailing address, locker storage, lunch, free phone usage, restrooms and activity center. Rudy, the operations manager, guided us around the facility showing us all the opportunities offered.  Several services are offered such as free access to a nurse, attorney, Pastor and housing coordinator.  While the facility is physically small, it offers many needed services for homeless seniors.  When the Center closes mid-afternoon, the clients are given a meal for the evening including a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips, fruit and two bottles of water.  Thanks to your generosity, SHUMC is currently able to make 50 loaves (600 sandwiches) per week for Justa Center.

If you are interested in making sandwiches for the Justa Center, join us every Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. in Fellowship Hall. For more information, contact Mary Giese or the church office.



The SHUMC Missions Team chose Habitat for Humanity to receive the Easter offering.  Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit housing organization working in local communities throughout the U.S. and in many other countries.  The goal is to create decent, affordable housing.  

Our congregation responded to the request to assist Habitat for Humanity and donated $9,585!  This was an amazing act of putting God’s love into action to serve those in need.  The contribution will go through the Mighty United Methodist Coalition that works with Habitat in Maricopa County. 

In addition to financial support, the Methodist Coalition is in need of workers to help build a home in Glendale and would also welcome lunch for the workers.  For more information, contact Charlie Schock, 480-688-4175.




The Desert Southwest Conference chose three mission projects for 2023.  The Mission Team at Shepherd of the Hills Church invites the congregation to make financial donations to support these projects during the month of May.  The projects Annual Conference Mission Projects are:

Ukraine UMC Support  The war in Ukraine with Russia recently passed the one-year mark.  Thousands have died, been injured and lost loved ones.  Millions have lost their homes and cities have been completely destroyed.  Methodist clergy continue their ministry with all people of Ukraine, offering food, clothing, shelter, schooling, medical supplies, migration to the western part of Ukraine and other countries, and more. 

RIP Medical Debt  As medical costs continue to escalate in the U.S., more and more people are struggling with medical debt.  Nearly 50% of U.S. adults delayed or skipped medical care due to the high costs of   treatment.  50% of U.S. adults wouldn’t be able to afford an unexpected $500 bill.  2/3 of bankruptcies cite medical debt as a leading cause.  RIP Medical Debt is a 501 charity that purchases medical debt on the debt collection market, and then forgives the debt.  Individual receiving debt forgiveness must meet income   qualification guidelines.  Rev. Jen Lambert of Red Mountain UMC in Phoenix has already been involved with RIP Medical Debt relief and can attest to the miracles when a donation of $10 purchases $1,000 in economic relief for those experiencing bankruptcy due to their medical bills.

Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief  Since February 6, the day of the first earthquake to strike Turkey and Syria, we have learned of the total devastation and overwhelming numbers of lives lost.  United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) has provided financial assistance since day one.  Volunteers from all over the world have traveled to help dig through the rubble, finding some people alive more than 200 hours after the first quake.  The official death toll has exceeded 50,000.  UMCOR releases grants to partner agencies in the affected areas to provide shelter, meals and clothing to help those in need to rebuild their lives.

Our support and prayers are critical for persons affected by war, debt and natural disasters.  Checks must be made out to the church with “Annual Conference Projects” on the memo line.  If you wish to contribute to only one of the projects, please indicate this on the memo line.



The Missions Team would like to thank the congregation for their generosity in contributing socks, underwear and diapers during the recent Undies Sundays. 

The items collected will benefit two agencies: UMOM, which provides shelter and support services to those who are homeless and Wesley Centers, which provides health care and support services to those in need.  



The SHUMC Missions Team thanks the congregation for its generosity in responding to requests for contributions during 2022.  This is a church of great compassion and kindness to help others in need. 

The Missions Team takes care in spending funds that are contributed by members and friends of the church.


Highlights of Missions Team activities for 2022:

  • Considerable amounts of food were contributed monthly and for Souper Bowl Sunday to benefit the Valley View Food Bank and St. Mary’s Food Bank.
  • An average of 50 loaves of bread was made into sandwiches each week for clients of Justa Center, which is a day program for homeless senior citizens.
  • Members of the congregation partnered with the Sun City West Prides to glean citrus in the spring. Countless pounds of the fruit were donated to St. Mary’s Food Bank.
  • A very large amount of underwear and socks were contributed during Undie Sundays. The recipient agencies were UMOM, Wesley Centers and Valley View Food Bank. UMOM clients are families, single women and veterans who need shelter and supportive services, such as job training.  Wesley Centers provide programs such as after-school activities, adult education and health care for low-income families.
  • The Easter offering to benefit Wesley Centers resulted in over $6,000 being donated.
  • School supplies were collected for Nadaburg Elementary School and Dysart Community Center. Art supplies were collected for Mary’s Place, an enrichment program for people with dementia or Parkinson’s, at Benevilla. 
  • At least 35 members of the congregation and the larger community attended each of seven movies shown during the Summer Movies Ministry.
  • Two hundred Kindness Kits were assembled for distribution to clients of Circle the City, a mobile health care program for people facing homelessness. The Kits contained toiletries, snacks and socks.
  • Jeans and tee-shirts were purchased by the congregation as Christmas presents for 63 children who attend Dysart Community Center after-school programs.
  • A request for financial donations during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season resulted in a contribution of over $5,500 to Valley View and St. Mary’s Food Banks.
  • Hundreds of newspaper coupons were collected for the Coups for Troops project and sent to U.S. military bases in Japan and Germany to help military families stretch their dollars.

If you would like to organize or help any of the Mission Team’s activities, let us know!

Becky F.

 Missions Team Chair



                                                 YE OLDE CARD SHOPPE

WAIT !!  Before you spend all those dollars on greeting cards, come browse our own church card shoppe!  We have a very nice assortment of all kinds of cards.  Take what you need and leave a donation for the Missions Team. 

Ye Old Card Shoppe has moved! 


The Shoppe is now conveniently located in the Fellowship Hall next to the Prayer Quilt. Please help yourself to the cards you need and leave a donation for Missions in the box. Also, if you receive cards, calendars, etc. in the mail and you do not need them, please donate them to the card shoppe. 


Habitat for Humanity The Organization to Receive SHUMC Easter Offering

The SHUMC Missions Team has chosen Habitat for Humanity as the organization to receive our Easter offering.  With this opportunity to give, we are following Christ’s example of reaching out to people in need.  Habitat for Humanity is a global non-profit housing organization working in local  communities throughout the United States and in more than 70 other countries.  Families can apply for home ownership by demonstrating ability to repay a mortgage and to invest many hours of their own labor in building or renovating a home.  The Mighty United Methodist Coalition works with Habitat and has built many homes in Maricopa County and is now starting a home in Glendale.  Offering checks must be made out to the church with “Habitat for Humanity” on the memo line.  Thank you for helping to build a better community.


Thank you for the impact your donations have on the individuals we serve.


When Circle the City combined forces with Assured Imaging, a lot of grateful women joined in.  On Thursday, February 23, a very generous donor made it possible for 20+ women facing homelessness to receive a mammogram and an internal exam. Some women shared they haven’t had an exam for over ten years.

Circle the City nurses helped to educate women on the proper self-exams which are so critical to overcoming any health issues that may occur. There were plenty of additional items each patient received:  lunch, blankets, scarves, toiletries and even a cell phone or tablet, courtesy of Stand-Up Wireless.

Thank you to all of our donors who make it possible for men, women, and children facing homelessness to  receive the healthcare they need.  We appreciate you.

Leslie Friedman, M.S. | Donor Relations Manager

Office (602) 612-9771

Fax  (602) 705-0567

Email lfriedman@circlethecity.org





Once a month for the past few years, members and friends of Shepherd of the Hills Church have volunteered at St. Mary’s Food Bank. St. Mary’s distributes foods to hungry families in most of Arizona. In addition, St. Mary’s provides children’s feeding programs in schools and community centers and provides a training program so that adults can be successful in the food service industry.

The task of the SHUMC group is to open bags and boxes that have been donated by individuals and companies and then sort the food into bins by type, such as cans of vegetables, boxes of cereal, etc. We meet at the food bank, which is located at 13050 W. Elm Street in Surprise near the intersection of Bell and Dysart Roads, on the third Thursday of each month from 9:45 a.m. to noon. Heavy lifting is not required. More volunteers are needed. Please contact Becky F. at 623-584-2280.

Sandwich Making for Justa Center

The peanut butter party (weekly sandwich making) will meet on Mondays, at 8:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall to make sandwiches for Justa Center. Masks are mandatory during sandwich making.

The sandwich crew is in need of big jars of creamy peanut butter (PLEASE NO ORGANIC). Walmart sells 4 lb. jars of peanut butter that are the most economical and easiest to work with. As for jelly, they prefer grape jelly, but we will take and use any flavor of jelly/jam. The squeezable containers are not worth the trouble. We are well stocked on baggies and gloves. Please bring your donations to the church office or leave them on the counter in the kitchen.

Please call the church office at 623-584-2280 and leave a message for Mary G. to sign up to help make sandwiches or if you have any questions. Everyone must wear a mask and we will socially distance. 

We continue to accept donations of peanut butter and jelly. Please bring them to the church.



Give hope to your neighbors in need. $1 helps provide enough

food for 7 meals. Your donation is 100% deductible and may

qualify for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. 

For questions, or how to donate by phone,

call (602) 242-FOOD.

                                        For WAYS TO GIVE log on to the website below

DID YOU KNOW……? There is a metal rack in the hallway by the choir room that has calendars, notepads and cards for just about any occasion.

It has been organized nicely by Linda. If you find a few cards, or a calendar that you can use, please leave a small donation in the container on the shelf. The money collected supports the Missions Committee.


If your mailbox happens to be the recipient of cards and calendars and you do not want them, please do not throw them in the trash!


Bring them to the church and they will be organized into the boxes, ready for someone to use.
                                           LOVE TO KNIT OR CROCHET?


Now that we are able to visit people in the hospital and care homes, we are starting up our prayer shawl ministry again. We can use prayer shawls and lap covers. 

You can call 623-584-2280 (church office) & leave a message for Prayer Shawl Ministry if you have questions. Instructions for the knitting of the shawls and the lap coverings will be provided, if needed. Note: Lap coverings need to be big enough to cover the lap going down just over the knee. We have a variety of yarn that has been donated if you would like to use it.
Thank you for being a part of this ministry. 


Bibles Needed

UMOM Day Center need NEW BIBLES


UMOM have individuals and families requesting them. They pass out over 100 Bibles per month.

Bibles may be dropped off at the church office. Or you can make a MONETARY DONATION to purchase Bibles, please indicate on indicating on cash envelope or memo section of the check – UMOM Bibles.

Please help those who cannot afford a Bible to secure one. Thank you!


Christmas Missions Project Donation of T-Shirts and Jeans to students at Dysart Community Center
Thank You for your generous donation of Jeans & T-Shirts. They were delivered to Dysart Community Center just in time for Christmas.
 Circle the City
To receive more information on Circle the the City click on Link to Circle the City

Link to Circle the City

Circle the City Admin Office 
300 W. Clarendon Avenue
Suite 200
Phoenix, AZ 85013
(602) 776-0776

For donations, call: (623) 900-7671
To volunteer: call (602) 313-8643

Circle the City offers holistic integrated care for individuals experiencing homelessness, meeting the patient’s medical, social, emotional and spiritual needs.

Circle the City offers the only medical respite program for those experiencing homelessness in the state of Arizona and is a model for the country.

Coups for Troops is a government program set up to assist military families stationed overseas by providing them with manufacturers’ coupons that may be used in the base commissary or PI for up to 6 months from the coupon expiration date. For a number of years, the Visitor’ s Center in Sun City collected and mailed coupons to a base in Japan and another in Germany. Due to reorganization, the Visitor’s Center recently discontinued the program. The Shepherd of the Hills Mission Committee has assumed the responsibility of collecting and mailing the coupons 316580_183388051744843_103961606354155_387538_1163020512_n
as one of our outreach projects.

Manufacturers’ coupons (no store coupons or rebates) must be neatly clipped and deposited in the basket located in the Church office. (If you are unable to do the clipping but would like to donate your unused coupons, please place them in the basket and one of our coupon clippers will take over.)

Any questions, please call the church office (623) 584-2280 and leave a message for Mary Jane or Sand’ee.

Thank you for the impact your donations have on the individuals we serve.


When Circle the City combined forces with Assured Imaging, a lot of  grateful women joined in.  On Thursday, February 23, a very generous donor made it possible for 20+ women facing homelessness to receive a  mammogram and  an internal exam.  Some women shared they haven’t had an exam for over   ten years.


Circle the City nurses helped to educate women on the proper self-exams which are so critical to overcoming any health issues that may occur. There were plenty of additional items each patient received:  lunch, blankets, scarves, toiletries and even a cell phone or tablet, courtesy of Stand   Up Wireless.


Thank you to all of our donors who make it possible for men, women, and children facing homelessness to    receive the healthcare they need.  We appreciate you.


Leslie Friedman, M.S. | Donor Relations Manager

Office (602) 612-9771

Fax     (602) 705-0567

Email lfriedman@circlethecity.org





Communion Offerings – Nine months out of the year the gifts support the Special Days and Causes designated by our Annual Conference as special mission projects.

Holiday Offerings – At Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, we receive a special offering which is sent directly to support mission ministries that bring healing and hope.

Monthly Food Collection – As we are fed on Communion weekends (first Saturday and Sunday of the month) with the bread and cup of Christ’s love, we seek to also feed others through the collection of non-perishable food items.  Drop boxes/wagons are located in the Chapel on Saturdays and Sanctuary on Sundays. Donations are given to Valley View Food Bank. valleyviewfoodbank.wordpress.com)  

Summer Collections – We want to be a blessing by collecting items for others, which includes the Conference Mission Project, UMOM Back to School Drive and Wesley Back to School Drive.  
Justa Center – A day resource center located in Phoenix which works with older homeless adults to obtain benefits and housing. (justacenter.org)
UMCOR –  We travel to Salt Lake City to work at the United Methodist Committee on Relief Depot (UMCOR).  We prepare supplies needed that allow the Church to respond to a disaster of any type anywhere in the world. (umcor.org)  
Imagine No Malaria – Every 60 seconds, malaria claims a life in Africa.  Imagine No Malaria is an effort of the people of The United Methodist Church to put our faith into action to end preventable deaths by malaria.  (imaginenomalaria.org/learn)  
UMOM (United Methodist Outreach Ministries) – Provides homeless families and individuals with safe shelter, housing and supportive services to assist them in reaching their greatest potential.  (umom.org)
Wesley Community & Health Center– A United Methodist related center located in Phoenix that provides health, educational and recreational services to individuals and families. (wesleycenterphx.org)
Habitat for Humanity – A Christian-based organization that builds, renovates and repairs simple, affordable homes in partnership with families in need in central Arizona. (habitat.org)  
Benevilla – Provides support for older adults, adults with intellectual disabilities, children and the families who care for them in the West Valley. (benevilla.org)  
Community Fund of Sun City West – Provides financial aid to Sun City West residents in temporary need of assistance. (communityfundsuncitywest.org)  
Salvation Army Crisis Intervention, West Valley – A consortium of agencies and churches that provide crisis intervention services.
Circle the City, Phoenix – Holistic, Compassionate Healthcare for the Homeless.