Our Current Online Opportunities for Spiritual Growth 
are Listed Below

Email us at church@shepherdofthehills.org for information on 
joining any of these classes or discussions.

All are welcome.



What’s your favorite parable?

Which parable do you find hardest to understand?

If you are interested in learning more about the meaning of Parables

and what others think, please join us via Zoom on:

Friday, May 21nd and 28th at 10:30 AM.

In preparation for the discussions, we need your help.

Please tell us via email or a call, what parable(s) you would like to discuss. Then we will publish a schedule and provide material for review ahead of time so we can have an informed get together.

Check your weekly E-News for more parables information.

Contact the church office at 623-584-2280 or church@shepherdofthehills.org 

and leave a message for Pat B. or Pam C. with our Education Team or email church@shepherdofthehills.org.

This weekly Bible study will be held via Zoom every Thursday at 1:30.
Please join in whenever you are available.
We will use the “Life Journal” which identifies scripture readings for each day of the week.
You can purchase a journal from the church office or at https://www.liferesources.cc/
It’s okay if you don’t have one. We will give you the daily scriptures.
We will read the passage together and then each of us will do the following:
S – Identify which scripture verse spoke to you.
O – What is your observation for this verse – what does it mean to you?
A – How can you apply the meaning to your life?
P Pray that God will help you change based on your application of the verse.
Following our group study, everyone is encouraged to read the scripture daily and do SOAP in a journal. During the course of our time together, you can share any meaningful passages.
The most important or life changing aspect of this study, is that we get into the habit of reading the Word daily. If you can’t make a Zoom session, it is okay. Unlike an ongoing Bible Study,
you just pick up the next time you attend.
Hope you will join us!