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Have you been missing the smiling faces of people you saw regularly pre-COVID-19? There is a way to see them again! 


The Social Shepherds committee will have a photo booth on Sunday, May 9, where those who attend services can have their pictures taken. The pictures will be printed in Crazy Monday email messages, so we can see who was at church. 


Stop by the “booth” at the entrance to the Sanctuary, remove your mask for a moment and say “Cheese!”
Mending Hearts, Healing Spirits, Finding Hope
As a church, we have been discussing and planning a “Reopening Celebration” for this fall. The plan is for a week-long festive event but as we started our discussions we realized that COVID was a serious period of isolation and loss for our members and our community. Some of our members are ones who even lost their lives to COVID. We, as a congregation and community, have not been able to fully grieve these losses, as spaces and opportunities to do this were reduced. Before we move on to planning and celebrating the reopening and redefinition of who we are as a Christian congregation in our community, we need to offer a time of reflection and healing.
On Tuesday, May 11th from 8am-3pm, we will be hosting an all-day prayer vigil to prayerfully acknowledge our losses and grief during this past year. The chapel will be open for members and individuals from the community to come and have a quiet time of guided or individual prayer. We are asking individuals to wear masks and to practice social distancing for the safety of others. There is an online registration option available for prayer times, click here to register for the prayer vigil. This will help us prepare the best to receive all participants, but we are also encouraging and accepting individuals to walk in.
If you would like to submit a prayer request for the vigil, individual prayers will be accepted on the church prayer request line 623-584-2922, our website, or can be dropped off in the Drive Up Mending Hearts, Healing Spirits, Finding Hope prayer request drop box at the church.
Wednesday, May 12th from 8 am to 3 pm, we are inviting church members and anyone in the community, to join us for a guided experience through prayer, reflection and experiences to help us move through this process of healing and finding hope in the future. Completing the journey can take about a half hour, but more as you feel needed. We are asking individuals to wear masks and to practice social distancing for this event for the safety of others.  We will be moving through the chapel, into the Fellowship Hall and on to the courtyard and columbarium. We will have chairs available and everything will be walker and wheelchair accessible. We are encouraging Friendship groups and church committees to attend. We believe it will be a meaningful experience to mark this past year. There is an online registration option for different time slots during the day, click here to register for Mending Hearts. but we encourage anyone from the community, individuals and groups, to join us for this experience.
We invite our community to collaborate in the holy endeavor of helping each other find our hope. And we encourage all of you to help us spread the word with friends and neighbors who could be joining on Tuesday, May 11, for the Prayer Vigil, and on Wednesday, May 12 for the Mending Hearts, Healing Spirits, Finding Hope journey.
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As more and more folks join us for in-person worship and we expand to two services each Sunday, it is harder to find a good time for a weekly Virtual Coffee Hour, and fewer folks are motivated to join us.  However, it was a great blessing last summer to remain connected to many of our winter visitors.  So, beginning Sunday,  June 6, we will hold a Virtual Coffee Hour on the first Sunday of each month at 2 p,m.  Put it on your calendar.  Pop in and catch up, and let us know where you are and what you are doing.

Join us at 2 p.m. on:  June 6- – – – – July 5- – – – – August 1

Jodi will send out a reminder with a Zoom link in the morning of each meeting.



For the last year, as we have been unable to worship together in the sanctuary, we have pre-recorded the service so it could be released to the whole church by 3:30 PM Saturday afternoons.

Now that we are back in the sanctuary together, we will record the live service on Sundays instead. That means it will not be available to you quite as early. We expect to be able to send it out no later than Monday at noon. If we are able, we will get it out earlier. By that time, it will also be on the website and posted to our Facebook account and Facebook page.

Eventually, we hope to move to live streaming the service on Sundays at 9:00 AM. At that point, the recording will become available shortly after 10:00 AM Sunday morning for those who missed the live stream.

Thank you for your patience as we move through a season of transitions. Each Sunday is one of a kind, and we are figuring it out as we go.

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