Radical Hospitality: having an invitational stance and an active, constant desire to bring people into the life of Christ.

Strategic Goal:  Increase our membership by a net of 1% each year.

Passionate Worship: making worship of first importance, creating God-encounter experiences that transform lives.

Strategic Goal: Each month we will find at least one new way to demonstrate Passionate Worship in our Sat/Sun services.  We will include a Vision Moment each week in our services to lift up how we are living out our Vision for ministry.

Intentional Faith Development: understanding that we are on a journey to be closer to God and that we must be intentional about making growth happen along the journey.

Strategic Goal: Increase our learning community participation by 10% each year.

Risk-Taking Mission and Service: accepting the challenge of being useful to God and Christ even if it is uncomfortable or unpopular to society.

Strategic Goal: Each year we will serve at least one new Mission that we have not served in the past that is non-traditional in our nature.

Extravagant Generosity: preaching and teaching generous proportional giving with growth toward tithing, based on the Christian’s need to give.

Strategic Goal: Increase the number of pledging households by a net of 1% each year.