Souper” Bowl Sunday
The football season is coming to an end, and the Super Bowl is Sunday, February 3, 2019.
Many people celebrate with parties, food, and laughter. However, in Maricopa County, more than 623,300 people live in poverty. Twenty-six percent of those living in poverty are children. Nearly 1,138,000 are “working poor”. Arizona is tied as the fifth worst state in the U.S. for overall food insecurity. One in four children, one in five adults, and one in seven seniors struggle with hunger.

The Mission Committee is asking for your help. Please bring cans
of soup, dried beans, split peas, rice or any of your favorite
soup fixings during the month of January. You can bring these
items to the narthex or a box near the office. Valley View Food
Bank’s shelves are sparse and they need our help. Let’s make
Sunday, February 3rd a great day for everyone!