When the Rev. Billy Still gave the message March 23 & 24, 2019, he shared about his personal experience with the Inn Ministry in Tucson, AZ. The Inn serves documented asylum families as they transition from ICE detention facilities into the homes of their sponsors without understanding the language, culture, geography, and transportation systems. At The Inn, families are able to get shelter, a change of clothes, a shower, warm food, and help with the logistics of transportation for which they or their sponsors are assuming costs. At SHUMC we are proud to be supporters of The Inn Project in Tucson, as a response to Jesus’ call to love our neighbor, feed the hungry, comfort the afflicted. We are so grateful for each one of you who contributed beyond our expectations so that our congregation can respond with hospitality and love. Still, the need has come much closer to us, since ICE has been releasing hundreds of documented, qualified asylum immigrants on the streets of Phoenix. Sadly the Greyhound Bus station is overwhelmed with demands for their services and these families do not have a place to go while they wait for transportation to take them to their sponsors in various parts of the country. Imagine how you would feel stranded on the streets of any city, cold or hot, hungry and thirsty, dirty and ragged. As a result, The Inn is expanding to meet those needs. Two United Methodist Churches in Phoenix and Glendale are hosting and organizing in response to the immediate need. Our district Superintendent, Nancy Cushman wrote a helpful and comprehensive guide to assisting https://dscumc.org/2019/03/an-urgent-need-in-our-district/ with hosting and hospitality, on-site volunteering, transportation, food preparation and serving, clothing, medical assistance, translation and travel coordination. The Mission Committee is working on this project and will be offering more opportunities to be in mission with The Inn. Thank you so much for what you do and what you give for others. For more information, please contact:
Mary Jane Banfield, Mission Chair 623-975-2356 or banfielde@aol.com  
Pastor Alma Aguirre-Olivares 623-584-2280 or pastoralma@shepherdofthehills.org    
Life Changing Bible Study Continuation


When: Fridays
Time: 11:30 a.m.
Where: Sacristy
We will follow the same format as Pastor Deborah did, sharing how certain scriptures spoke to us and sharing the day’s reading together. We will rotate facilitators as people are comfortable and Pastor Deborah will join us from time to time.

 So if you are interested in joining this study, whether you attended a prior session or not, please contact: Pat Burke patburke48@gmail.com or 623-748-3751.