September 21, 2017 @ 2:00 PM

Singing the Blues OR Sinking in the Blues:

Understanding the difference between feeling a little blue or

feeling as though I’m sinking in the blues of sadness.

Dr. Drew Maygren, Board Certified General and Geriatric Psychiatrist, and Attending Physician

at the Banner Del E. Webb inpatient SAGE unit, will be speaking on this topic as he explains:

“Depression can be an acceptable and appropriate component of life’s daily challenges. We

expect feelings like this with setbacks or losses in our lives. We should be vigilant as to their

progression and course. If these feelings begin to cause impairment in our daily functioning,

however, they have now become clinically significant and warrant professional assistance.

Please come share some time with me as we discuss these warning signs,

as well as appropriate ways to manage them when they do occur.”

Thursday, September 21, 2017

2:00-3:00pm Fellowship Hall

Kindly RSVP to church office 623-584-2280

Hosted by SHUMC Health & Welfare Team and Parish Nurse

Tai Chi, an ancient form of exercise has been proven to lower the incidence of falls among seniors. This gentle routine improves balance and coordination.
Series of eight classes beginning
September 5, 2017
Location: Fellowship Hall
Intermediate Tuesdays – 11:00 AM
Beginner Tuesdays – 12:15 PM
Cost $40.00
Taught by Nancy Zingg
Classes run through out the year except July & August
Sign up at the church office